Dont eat to much after fasting month

Idul fitri or in English often called as Ied Mubarak is the most greatest day in islamic calender. It was a day with full of  food, forgive, and also people with their beautiful smile. Why its occur? Whats happen. Clearly, this situation occurs because there is one thing that triggers it.

May be not much people in the world has know and understand about this dy. A day that come once a year. It is the first day of Swayal month in Islamic calender. A day with the most significant different with other day in whole year.

Yess, everybody happy. Happy cause they now can eats as much as possible, and its happen to mw too. The euforia after a one month full they have do casting, an activity that prohibitted you to eat and drank at the day time.
ready to eat

Eat to much can make a problem to your digestion

I know that no body can  have to stop about this eating habbit at this rare moment. But, please remember, if your stomach getting sick because your non controller eating activity like, it will make your live become unhappy.

Now I want asking some mthing tou you, and please answer it quickly and be honest. Which one of this situation do you choose;
  1. Life with have unhealthy body but you have a lot of money, or
  2. Life healthy body but you dont own even 1 sen of dollars.
If there is no other option and i didnt give you another chance to tells about your independent answer, I belief, really belief that you will choosing the second one.

So, if you also a moslem to and you have celebrate also this ied mubarak, i just want to give an advice: "Don't forget to control your eating habit. Do not obey your passions to eat whatever food is in front of you.

Happy ied mubarak, And don't forget to forgive the people around you.

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